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I like learning about ghost stories, folklore, and legends. I've read and seen so many in my lifetime, but it's only a fraction of what I wish to know. I want to know a lot more. It's a goal of mine before I die. I want to be that weird chick where if someone gets cursed or haunted, they're like "Hey, call that weirdo, she'll know what to do \8u/"
I also love learning history. I get a hard-on from reading about historical things U8
Not really, but it makes me so overjoyed to learn about the past.
Especially the Victorian Era and the 70s. I have such an attachment to those two periods.
I really love learning about torture methods and devices. My dad and his ex went to a museum that had torture devices and his ex was like "Ashley would LOVE it here 8u" And I wanted to go there xD
I just find it so amazing how much pain people were forced to endure and how creative some devices were.
I also love learning about oddities, like deformed body parts and such. I don't think they're freakish or scary, but extremely interesting.
I also like learning about artwork. Learning new techniques and things I like to apply to my art. I also like experimenting things.

I have had issues sleeping for the past couple of months. I've been trying many things I read on the internet. I started making my room cool, making it dark, taking anxiety pills before bed, drinking warm milk, stop taking sleeping pills, taking natural supplements, praying, getting off the computer early and reading, etc.
Last night I got off and read in my artbook. It was really fun.
I also have some manga to read once I run out of artbooks.

UGH. I can't stand the smacking noise people make when they kiss. It makes me want to stab my eardrums out. I HATE that noise and it fills me with rage. So does clapping and just repetitive noise in general. I don't know why, but it makes me so angry.

I have issues with time.
I don't like getting older.
But people say age doesn't matter and that time doesn't exist.
I have this issue where it feels like things happened recently eventhough it was years ago.
Like when I met someone, it feels like I've known them a few days, but I've known them years.
Or it feels like I'm still 17, but that was almost 10 years ago.
It'd be cool to control time. Rewind, fastforward, pause, etc.
But there's always consequences for screwing with things.

  • Mood: Artistic

Aki: Did you see that BS about kids trying to summon this demon using paper and pencils xD It's apparently some ancient Mexican demon, named Charlie lol I'm like really? A Mexican demon. Named Charlie. Sounds legit
Me: I saw something like that on one of the videos I saw earlier
Aki: And he supposedly speaks English even though it's an ancient Mexican demon xD I'm like omfg y'all will do anything
Me: His name should be Charlos or it's not legit 8u

It sounds dumb to me too, but I would not tempt it.
I mentioned using a ouija board when I was a kid and my parents warned me to never use one. So I don't do anything similar.

  • Mood: Artistic
I've been fighting annoying depression.
I'm fine during the day, but as soon as night comes, I get extremely anxious and depressed.
I have been going to sleep lately, but I'm so afraid of an anxiety attack while lying down.
I can't explain how horrible it feels when I'm trying to rest and I feel like I want to rip my skin off.
  • Mood: Artistic
Last movie I saw in theaters was a Resident Evil one.
I don't remember which but it was years ago xD
I remember going to see....Saw 4?
They wouldn't let me in because I didn't have ID, but I was 20 years old and the rating was 17+ >>
I guess I didn't look 20.
I've been told I look several years younger than my real age.
Anyways, I eventually got in, and police were all over ._.
I remember my best friend got so freaked out that she had a death grip on my arm the whole movie and my arm was numb at the end xD

There's a few people that I'm willing to die for.
Like no second-guessing, just dive in front of that bullet.

I like to pretend I'm a badass anime character when I'm in pain.
No matter how much it hurts, I try to keep going.
I love those moments in anime when someone is wounded so bad, but they're strong enough to keep going.

I'm somewhat of a masochist, I guess.
Like when I get a cut, I'll to rub it and press on it and it feels good.
Bruises too. I love pressing on bruises.

I've been in so many disagreements online xD
I don't like to argue with anyone anymore.
I used to argue back, but that only adds fuels to the fire and it's the internet - no big deal.

I've been called rude, mean, selfish, hateful, snobby, bitch, etc.
Obviously these people don't know me, so I don't care. They can think what they want.
I love everyone, but I don't like everyone <<
  • Mood: Artistic


Commissions and Art Trades
Panda Hoodie by SeppukuAddict
Lola by SeppukuAddict
Sanka Rea by SeppukuAddict
Naruto OC by SeppukuAddict
Hello, I'm looking to earn some points with my art.
What I'll do with them I don't know yet.

Will Do


Won't do

Most animals
Detailed items
Cluttered things.

I'm also willing to do art trades for my OCs:…
Full Body
Beta by SeppukuAddict
Molly by SeppukuAddict
Aden by SeppukuAddict
Won't do cluttered things, mech, detailed items, most animals
Waist Up
Rue and Choy by SeppukuAddict
Drew by SeppukuAddict
Murder On The Mind by SeppukuAddict
Holo by SeppukuAddict
Won't do cluttered things, mech, detailed items, most animals


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi. You can call me Moi (mwah).
I'm 25 years old.
I love anime and manga.
I love yaoi.
I love to draw.
I love to write.

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