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I used to be really torn on the subject of plastic surgery.
I mean like if someone gets injured or something and needs it, I didn't care.
But people who just want to be something else, it kind of bothered me.
But the older I get, the more I'm interested in changing things about myself.
For one thing, I've always wanted bigger eyes. I think girls with big eyes are so adorable. Mine have always had bags under them and they're squinty - I always look upset or angry.
Also my nose has always been big and I didn't like it growing up, but I don't care anymore.
I would even get surgery on my boobs to make them a little smaller.
I don't see how women get like HHH size boobs. That'd make me bend over permanently.

I remember years ago I saw this girl who wanted to be taller, so she had metal rods placed in her legs to make her taller.
That disturbed me to be honest xD

Overall, if it's for someone else, I think staying natural and just liking who you are is what's best.
But when it comes to me, I don't like how I look.

There's a show called "Botched" where people show off botched surgeries.
That's a huge risk. This one lady's butt implants would flip :~;

There's actually a manga I like that had a short story about girls who would get thinner and beautiful and then would die following that.
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Lily by SeppukuAddict
Name: Lily
Age: 10
Birthday: October 13th
Zodiac: Libra
Occupation: Student
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Physical description: 4' 7'', thin, short brown hair, brown eyes
Personality: Cheerful, enthusiastic, kind, open-minded
Sexuality: Unknown
Strengths: Bright, easy to talk to, kind to everyone
Weaknesses: Afraid of being judged sometimes, oblivious to some things

Lily is a bright, caring young girl. She enjoys reading manga and watching anime. She also is a huge gamer. She usually doesn't care what people think of her, but sometimes it gets to her. She's pretty open-minded and knowledgeable of things despite her tender age.
Claire by SeppukuAddict
Name: Claire
Age: 24
Birthday: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
Occupation: Homemaker
Species: Immortal
Gender: Male
Physical description: 5' 7'', brown eyes with turquoise highlights, short orange hair, thin, Usually wears gold necklace and matching earring
Personality: Quiet, helpful, gentle, concerned
Sexuality: Homosexual
Strengths: Enthusiastic, bright, diligence
Weaknesses: Too selfless, too quiet

Claire is an immortal with a peculiar problem - he has amnesia. Everything in his past is lost. He works with a doctor by donating his organs, Since he can regenerate new organs, this doesn't hinder him and he enjoys helping people. Claire is often times quiet and withdrawn from others, but is genuinely kind and helpful.


Commissions and Art Trades
Panda Hoodie by SeppukuAddict
Lola by SeppukuAddict
Sanka Rea by SeppukuAddict
Naruto OC by SeppukuAddict
Hello, I'm looking to earn some points with my art.
What I'll do with them I don't know yet.

Will Do


Won't do

Most animals
Detailed items
Cluttered things.

I'm also willing to do art trades for my OCs:…
Full Body
Beta by SeppukuAddict
Molly by SeppukuAddict
Aden by SeppukuAddict
Won't do cluttered things, mech, detailed items, most animals
Waist Up
Rue and Choy by SeppukuAddict
Drew by SeppukuAddict
Murder On The Mind by SeppukuAddict
Holo by SeppukuAddict
Won't do cluttered things, mech, detailed items, most animals


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi. You can call me Moi (mwah).
I'm 25 years old.
I love anime and manga.
I love yaoi.
I love to draw.
I love to write.

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